Recognizing the Power to Mother Within Us All

Mothering: A Woman’s True Greatness

A woman’s true greatness can’t be measured in dollars and cents, awards and medals, or the latest Gallup polls. Most of the time, they are completely oblivious of their awesome influence. Coming in all shapes and sizes, from all backgrounds and races, with all different kinds of family dynamics women mother.

Unrelated Influences

Women are nurturers. To nurture means to encourage to grow. Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I’d like to acknowledge some of the women in my life who have helped me grow into the woman I am today. Note that these women aren’t biologically connected to me at all. This is a purposeful exercise in showing that mothering does not require a biological ability or connection.

I learned mothering isn’t just about biology during our 6-year battle with secondary infertility and experience with IVF.

My fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Davis

My fifth-grade teacher shared her love of science with me as she taught us about sea life, volcanoes, and DNA. Mrs. Davis also shared her love of horses and Sir Paul McCartney with us. Her daily enthusiasm for curiosity and genuine care for each of her students made her a favorite of many.

My high school Spanish teacher, Professora Burgess-Getts

My high school Spanish teacher took extra time in her already busy schedule to mentor me and allow me to be her teacher’s assistant during my senior year. She also picked me up on a Saturday to give me a tour of the college I would be attending – knowing the fun little secrets of campus as an adjunct professor there. Her interest in me helped maintain my sense of individual worth during a difficult time in my life.

Mother is a verb. |

My first Relief Society president, Sarah

My first Relief Society president showed me by example what a desire for gospel obedience was by taking me as her visiting teaching companion and encouraging the other sisters to watch out for me. Sarah also taught me the temple preparation lessons, allowing me to ask any question I wanted and never making me feel dumb. Sarah’s example taught me that a women’s leadership in the Church is invaluable and never less than any man’s.

My college dorm-mate, Priyanka

By the end of the first day of orientation, Priyanka and I were walking arm and arm to the cafeteria. A world-traveled Indian Jehovah’s Witness and a Puerto Rican newly baptized Latter-day Saint made for an odd couple, but we didn’t pay the stereotypes any attention. When Priyanka expressed homesickness, she and I sat on a campus bench sharing a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. When I felt alone because of issues at home, Priyanka became my steadfast family. Though we’re only a few weeks apart in age, Priyanka mothered me during a time of change and growth and I felt privileged to do the same for her.

Go, and Mother

You don’t have to birth a human being before you can mother another. Nieces and nephews, your widowed next door neighbor, a classroom full of kids all need the gentle tenderness a mother can provide. Go and be that mother to them. As you do so, I can almost guarantee that you’ll feel a touch closer to divinity.

Women are nurturers. |

6 thoughts on “Recognizing the Power to Mother Within Us All

  1. Right when I seen the title of this I was like IVE GOT TO READ! And honestly I’m so glad I did because everything that was stated is true! I cannot disagree with you whatsoever

  2. Loved this! So inspirational! And so true! Motherhood isn’t about just bearing children and I loved how you used personal examples for this and made a clear point on the topic. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Love this!! It reminded me of an article I read earlier in the week. I believe it was quoting Patricia Holland. She said that motherhood preceded mothering. In the garden of eden Eve was given her name as the mother of all living long before she ever bore children. Motherhood encompasses more than just bearing children. Thank you for the reminder!

    1. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that motherhood equals bearing children. This post was just as much a reminder for me as for my readers. Thank you for reminding me about Eve. She is a stellar example of motherhood before a single baby entered this world.

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