Seeing the Blessing in the Trial

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A Dead Air Conditioner

We were without AC on our 2nd floor and the temperature was the hottest it’d been all spring. It had been a gorgeous day, but I dreaded how hot it’d be when we got home from our errands and fun and tried to settle down to sleep.

Soon after settling the girls down in their beds on the stifling 80°-second floor, with fans going and even a makeshift AC in Addie’s room, a thunderstorm struck.

Seeing the blessings during the storms of our lives. |

I could hear a distant, but powerful, rumbling. The distant rumbling grew to a sonic boom of a great, cool breeze blowing through our open windows. Within a matter of minutes, our 2nd floor was cooled down almost 10 degrees. Twenty minutes later, the thunderstorm faded out into the night.

Resting in my much cooler bedroom, I offered a prayer of gratitude for the cooling winds that I believed God had sent. But then I began thinking about the people whose lawn chairs and tarps must have gotten blown helter-skelter because of the winds and of the branches that would be strewn over sidewalks and nicely manicured lawns the next morning.

The storm was a blessing for us – a tender mercy in answer to a tired and sweaty mother’s plea for the relief of two tired and sweaty little girls. But maybe it wasn’t a blessing for some of our neighbors.

Blessings and Trials

The realization that blessings for some might be trials for others and vice versa was so impactful, I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It’s caused me to reflect on my own blessings and my own trials and think of them from an outsider’s perspective. My 6+ year battle with infertility has been a certain trial for me – but I can also see it as a blessing as I’ve been able to comfort and teach others regarding their infertility journey. I know I’ve been blessed countless times by the women who have gone before me that have faced infertility and have comforted and taught me – their trial was my blessing.

Considering how trials can be made blessings in others’ eyes has made me realize that my trials can be made my blessing in my eyes.

Now, I’m not saying that as I stuck myself over 100 times with needles for our IVF/FET process that I was saying, “What a great blessing this is!” But reflecting on the experience almost 2 years later (seriously?!? has it been that long?) I can list many blessings that have come from that trial. The most obvious ones are below:

  • Being able to connect with others online and in-person who are facing the roller coaster ride that is infertility.
  • Hearing my husband and daughter pray for my body’s strength and proper function every single night.
  • Becoming more humble, patient, and submissive as I did everything I could do and gave the rest to God.
  • Being more aware of others going through seen and unseen trials.
  • Trying and proving that with God, all things are possible – even having a needle-phobic gal go through fertility treatments.

The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. Luke 18:27 |

The Eternal Perspective

Being able to see trials as blessings requires an eternal perspective, knowing that this isn’t “it.” We came to this earth to be tried and tested, to learn and to grow. We came here to be loved and rejected, to succeed and to fail. While in the hottest blazes of our personal refining fires, I hope that we can see the eternal glimmer of the beautiful blessing within the trial.

Finding blessings in trials can be tough. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind. |

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7 thoughts on “Seeing the Blessing in the Trial

  1. I love this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this. I depend on the fact that there is always good in our trials, that there are always blessings to be had. I have seen it in my past trials and so I can have confidence that the same is true in my future trials as well. What a blessing!

  2. I do feel that the best part of going through each trial is seeing how our heavenly Father allows us to see the blessings He has for us at the end of those trials, if we look for them with humble hearts.

    1. Thank you, Candice. It’s definitely harder sometimes than others. And sometimes, it takes years to discover the blessing in a trial. But, so far in my experience, there’s always at least one blessing to find. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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