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Replenishing: The Silver Lining of Homemaking

Storm Clouds and Laundry

We came home from dinner just as the storm clouds finally let loose the rain they’d been threatening all afternoon. The house was very dark for the hour. Baby Addie had fallen asleep in her car seat, so we let her rest a little while Adam, Elle, and I tended to our different chores.

I unloaded Addie’s dried clothes into the laundry basket and took it to the front room. I love folding warm piles of clean laundry. It soothes my soul. After everything was folded I piled it all back into the basket and carried it upstairs. As I put her crib sheets, burp cloths, pajamas and other things away I listened to the rain steadily beating on the window. And I found myself in a moment of perfection.

Outside I knew it was cold and windy and just a yuck kind of evening. Inside our home it was warm and calm. And for that one moment Addie had every single outfit, crib sheet, changing table cover, blanket, bib, and burp cloth clean and put away.

The Never-ending Homemaking Cycle

Homemaking has a lot of aspects that come “undone” almost as soon as you do them. The laundry. The dishes. The meals, The floors. The beds. The bathrooms. There’s a never-ending list of stuff to do and it can get frustrating and overwhelming and downright depressing sometimes. But my favorite part of homemaking is the replenishing. Those few hours after you come home with a car load of groceries and there’s bread again and chicken and chips and milk. Those few hours when all of the laundry hampers are empty and all of the clean clothes have been put away. Those are the moments I say to myself this homemaking gig isn’t half bad.

Replenishing our stores of food, laundry, and other necessities is my favorite party of homemaking. |

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