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Personal Progress Activities that Go Along With General Conference

General Conference is a great time to work on Personal Progress. Several required and additional value experiences have you seek out general conference talks to learn more about a value. Why not participate in these Personal Progress activities during a live general conference?

Let’s get started with the required and additional value experiences.


Faith #1: After reading some scriptures, you are asked to find and read two general conference talks on faith. During conference, take notes on what the speakers say about faith. If your conference experience is a little chaotic, you could try to make a note of at least two talks to reference later. See this link to get all the requirements for Faith #1.

Divine Nature

Divine Nature #2: Learn about a Proverbs 31 kind of woman in the scriptures then find two talks on womanhood. The women’s session of conference is a great place to learn about womanhood, though the general sessions have been full of incredible talks on womanhood as well. (Check out Elder Christofferson’s “The Moral Force of Women,” Elder Cook’s “LDS Women Are Incredible!,” or President Hinckley’s “The Women in Our Lives” to see what I’m talking about.) See this link to get all the requirements for Divine Nature #2.

Individual Worth

Individual Worth #2: I received my patriarchal blessing in the spring of 2005. Over 12 years later, I’m still learning cool things about patriarchal blessings. Listen to conference and see if anyone mentions his or her patriarchal blessing, how to prepare to receive one, and what one even is. Make a note to go back through that (or those, if there are more than one) talk and review what was said. See this link to get all the requirements for Individual Worth #2.


Knowledge #4: Before conference, consider selecting a gospel principle you’d like to learn more about. (There’s a handy Church manual called Gospel Principles. The table of contents is a great place to look for a gospel principle you’d like to learn more about.) During conference, listen to each talk with that principle in mind and take notes on what you learn. See this link to get all the requirements for Knowledge #4.

Good Works

Good Works #4: Listen to conference to see if there is an example of service you can share in your lesson. See this link to get all the requirements for Good Works #4.

Good Works #7: Prayerfully consider inviting a non-member or less active friend to watch a session or two of conference with you. This may seem scary, but it could bless their lives and your friendship forever. My membership in the Church can be traced back to a friend inviting me to read the Book of Mormon. The gospel is a message of happiness. Just like you would tell your friend about a tasty new candy bar you just tried or a funny show on Netflix you binge-watched over the weekend, the gospel can be shared without fear of offending another. Praying about how to approach your friend and genuinely caring for them are keys to making the invitation a comfortable and genuine one. See this link to get all the requirements for Good Works #7.


Integrity #7: It’s easy to see there is an attack on the family. Listen to the speakers during general conference and see what counsel, guidance, and experiences can help you strengthen your current and future family.  See this link to get all the requirements for Integrity #7.

Personalized Value Experiences

Seven of the eight Personal Progress values allow for up to two personalized additional value experiences. I’ve come up with 14 personalized value experience ideas that go along with general conference. Enter your email below to have this free 3-page resource emailed directly to you.

Value Projects

Value projects are supposed to take at least 10 hours to complete and are meant to practice what you have learned within that value. And guess what? All sessions of general conference (women’s session, general sessions, and priesthood session) equal 10 hours. What a great coincidence, right?

One conference I listened to all 10 hours with “individual worth” in mind. I took notes during the sessions and revisited several of the talks afterward. I came up with a list of my talents, goals, and opportunities and typed some gentle and encouraging reminders to myself into my phone’s Notes app for when I’m feeling down, unworthy, or less-than. This project allowed me to focus on the eternal perspective and my eternal potential and practice remembering my individual worth.

You can do something similar, taking a value and honing in on that gospel principle through all 10 hours of conference. Create some lasting artifact of what you learned so you or others can refer to it later. I’ve seen value projects in many different forms, so don’t be afraid of making this project uniquely you.

We Are Daughters

Personal Progress is a great program that guides young women on the path of discipleship as they learn about the eight Personal Progress values. General conference is a fantastic time to learn at the feet of living prophets, apostles, and other Church leaders. Meshing the two religious activities is a great way to grow in your testimony, strengthen your resolve to follow the Savior, and enjoy the peace only the gospel provides.

I hope you have a great conference experience!

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