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Once There Was a Mom – A Book Review

The lovely people at Deseret Book provided me this book to review and share with you lovely readers. All opinions are my own.

“Once there was a mom. This mom had two beautiful daughters. These daughters were the light of her life – and they were also the reason the mom ate Oreos in the dark late at night.”

That’s how my version of Emily Watts’s Once There Was a Mom would start out. Watts’s version follows the same ebb and flow of gratitude and fatigue, joy and sorrow, competence and discouragement. You know, all part and parcel of motherhood.

Watts’s brilliance is that she doesn’t just let the mom be. She takes you into her heart, into any mother’s heart, and shares the Mom’s deepest question.

“Was it enough […]?”

Motherhood is filled with a lot of tiny, seemingly insignificant moments. Dinners, baths, homework, laundry. Kissing boo-boos, Reading stories, making lunches, correcting mistakes. “Was it enough?” the Mom asks. Is it enough? Am I enough?

I’m far from a perfect mother. (Spoiler alert, no mother is perfect. *Gasp*) But I genuinely try my best. Except when I don’t. Because I really can’t talk about Pokemon for the 50th time that day or I can’t come up with a better breakfast than Cheerios. Again. I tend to zero in on those moments when I am less than the mother I want my girls to have and fear that they’ll need years of therapy to undo the mental scarring I’ve caused them.

Motherhood is the most challenging as well as the utmost satisfying vocation in the world. Nita Ambani |

But then there are the moments that seem to last for eternity even though they are over before you know it. Those moments of sheer joy because you’re Mommy and no one can compare to your love. Moments like being the first one your anxiety-ridden daughter looks to after totally beasting a piano solo in the school talent show. Moments like holding your miracle baby in your arms, seeing her absolutely relaxed because of the absolute trust she has in you. Those are the moments I could watch on instant replay for all eternity.

Motherhood is a complementary mosaic of good times and bad that help you grow as a mother as you help your children grow.

“But together, they meant everything.”

And it all happens because “Once there was a mom.”

A special thank you to Deseret Book for providing me this opportunity to review such an insightful book. I can recommend it as a beautiful Mother’s Day or birthday gift for a young mother doing the best she can.

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Mom-guilt is real. |

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