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Using My Mormon Mom Planner for Meal Planning

I used to hate planning meals for my family. It’s the one homemaking chore I have repeatedly considered outsourcing. But HelloFresh isn’t cost effective and the McDonald’s Dollar Menu would see us dead before the end of the year. Then I got my meal planning sidekick that changed everything: the Mormon Mom Planner.

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The Magic of Motherhood: A Book Review

I don’t remember how I stumbled across Ashlee Gadd’s beautiful internet space she’s dubbed Coffee and Crumbs, but I do remember it was love at first sight. The site’s essays are poignant, hilarious, inspiring, and faith-filled. I read about a birth mother’s forever-love for the child she’d place for adoption, a mother’s mixed emotions over seeing her baby grow up, another mother’s insightful essay on raising bicultural children. The essays run the gamut of what it means to be a mother and – for me anyway – Coffee and Crumbs is a sacred place. When I saw Ashlee’s announcement regarding the debut of her book The Magic of Motherhood: The Good Stuff, the Hard Stuff, and Everything in Between I knew I had to get it.… Read More The Magic of Motherhood: A Book Review

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What I’ve Learned From Blogging the Last 6 Months

Creating a public space to share my insights and find an outlet for my stay-at-home-mom restlessness seemed like a natural move. I like writing and had kept a family-only blog for over 5 years. I had just returned home from a super short stint in the out-of-the-home workforce and missed the deadlines, learning, and challenge… Read More What I’ve Learned From Blogging the Last 6 Months